Civilian Marksmanship Program Update

A second round of purchasing will soon be available for the CMP 1911 program. Orders will be accepted from January 4, 2021 until March 4, 2021. Please see for additional information.

Civilian Marksmanship Program Cerification

We are pleased to announce that the club has obtained certification with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. This certification will allow club members to purchase 1911 Handguns from the CMP up until October 4th. For more information on this program, visit the Civilian Marksmanship Program site. You may also view the club’s CMP Certiciation.

New Orientation Policy

Starting in Oct. 2015, no membership key will be issued without showing a range safety/orientation card with a date less than five years. This is the start of the five year renewal plan that was voted on in October 2014; see the October minutes for plan details. Also, no membership key will be issued without a valid NRA membership card. If you need to renew your NRA membership, please come to a scheduled meeting. If you have questions, please come to a meeting.